Writing an annual report letter

How to Write a Letter Report by Jackie Lohrey - Updated September 26, A letter report, also known as a preliminary title report, is an essential protection in a real estate deal. Title companies routinely prepare one after receiving an application for title insurance but prior to writing a title insurance policy. The intent is to describe findings uncovered during a title search that a resulting title insurance policy will exclude.

Writing an annual report letter

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As I look back on last year — in fact, the last decade — it is remarkable how well our company has performed.

Ours is an exceptional company with an extraordinary heritage and a promising future. We continue to make excellent progress around technology, risk and controls, innovation, diversity and reduced bureaucracy. Throughout a period of profound political and economic change around the world, our company has been steadfast in our dedication to the clients, communities and countries we serve while earning a fair return for our shareholders.

We now have delivered record results in seven of the last eight years, and we have confidence that we will continue to deliver in the future. As you know, we believe tangible book value per share is a good measure of the value we have created for our shareholders.

Then, in our view, our company should ultimately be worth considerably more than tangible book value. In prior years, I explained why buying back our stock at tangible book value per share was a no-brainer.

Six years ago, we offered an example of this, with earnings per share and tangible book value per share being substantially higher than they otherwise would have been just four years later.

We want to remind our shareholders that we much prefer to use our capital to grow than to buy back stock. We currently have excess capital, but due to recent tax reform and a more constructive regulatory environment, we hope, in the future, to use more of our excess capital to grow our businesses, expand into new markets and support our employees.

Our stock price is a measure of the progress we have made over the years.

writing an annual report letter

This progress is a function of continually making important investments, in good times and not-so-good times, to build our capabilities — people, systems and products.

These investments drive the future prospects of our company and position it to grow and prosper for decades. And this growth came during a time of unprecedented challenges for banks — both the Great Recession and the extraordinarily difficult legal, regulatory and political environment that followed.

And we believe the anticipated reversal of many negatives and an increasingly more favorable business environment, coupled with our sustained, strong business results, are among the reasons our stock price has done so well this past year.

writing an annual report letter

We do not worry about the stock price in the short run, and we do not worry about quarterly earnings. Our mindset is that we consistently build the company — if you do the right things, the stock price will take care of itself.

In the next section, I discuss in more detail how we think about building shareholder value for the long run while also taking care of customers, employees and communities.

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JPMorgan Chase stock is owned by large institutions, pension plans, mutual funds and directly by individual investors.

However, it is important to remember that in almost all cases, the ultimate owner is an individual. Well over million people in the United States own stocks, and a large percentage of them, in one way or another, own JPMorgan Chase stock.Dear Friends of Wings of the Dawn: I am proud to present to you this copy of Wings of the Dawn (WoD) Annual Report.

The report summarizes the highlights from Fiscal Year , a pivotal year for us in which we focused our. Report Writing Format By YourDictionary Unlike an essay, which sets out and defends a writer's view about a topic and does not have to feature headings, a report discusses a topic in a .

EXAMPLE OF ANNUAL REPORT. ET HANDBOOK NO. TAX PERFORMANCE SYSTEM APPENDIX D ANNUAL REPORT Section also includes a letter from the Regional Office Representative The Tax staff should take steps to begin the process of writing.

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