Writing a summary powerpoint 5th grade

Proven Tools and Methods It is an understatement to say these units have been piloted many times. The teaching in these books has been planned, taught, revised, and retaught, through a cycle of improvement involving literally thousands of classrooms in schools dotting the globe.

Writing a summary powerpoint 5th grade

Students will be able to write short, informative summaries of stories and events. Introduction 5 minutes Ask your students to brainstorm answers to the question: What constitutes a good piece of writing? Have each student discuss her answer with a partner. Allow students to share their answers with the rest of the class.

Introduce the concept of a summary to the class. They give information about things that occur in a story or event without using a lot of detail. Hold up a novel, or have students take out their own novels if they have them on hand.

Direct attention to the back cover. Explain that the writing on the back is an example of a summary. Remind the class of the purpose of a summary. Then, give an example of a word summary for the clip. An example of a summary for the Frozen clip is: Anna sacrificed herself for Elsa, which broke the frozen curse.

Give some non-examples to establish how not to write a summary. The yellow cat walked across the street with the dog.

Although this is exactly 10 words long, it fails to give a general overview of what was shown in the clip. Give students several minutes to partner up and, as pairs, come up with word summaries for the clip.

Allow pairs to share their summaries with the rest of the class. Write these summaries on the board.

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Repeat the summarization process with the third video clip. Independent working time Play the fourth video clip.

writing a summary powerpoint 5th grade

This time, have each student work independently to write her own word summary. Have more advanced students write a word summary on another topic: Then, have them write a second, longer summary and compare it to their first.

Ask them to determine which is better via a guiding question such as: Which summary gives a better overview of the topic?

This is an introductory unit on persuasive writing

Give more leeway to students that have trouble writing a summary containing exactly 10 words. For example, ask them to write an summary containing words instead. You may also provide them with additional examples of word summaries. Technology integration An interactive whiteboard can be used to project the video clips.

Assessment 5 minutes As students complete the assignment, walk around and make sure their summaries are 10 words long at most. The summaries written over the course of this exercise can be used as pre-assessments for future lessons, as they help determine whether students understand concepts like main ideas or unimportant details.

Review and closing 5 minutes Ask students if they think all summaries are 10 words long. Then, ask them why they think this exercise involved word summaries.

Explain that the purpose of the exercise is to help them practice being concise.This worksheet will give students practice identifying main ideas and writing summaries.

Summary and Main Idea Worksheet 2 RTF Summary and Main Idea Worksheet 2 PDF Summary and Main Idea Worksheet 2 Preview View Answers. Summary Worksheet 3 – Students read a long passage about the lost colony of Roanoke, highlight or underline important information, and summarize each paragraph.

Summary Assignment 1 1. Summarize the reading “Shoes in the Shower” (pp. ) in one paragraph. Include citation information and main ideas.-Paraphrase material using your own words.-Review what is summary lecture notes. WHAT IS IT? Compiled by Ann Lindsay ELEMENTS OF PLOT CONFLICT RISING ACTION CLIMAX RESOLUTION Stories have a plot, or a series of events that center on a problem, or conflict.

Fifth Grade Writing: Memoir Revised July Fifth Grade Writing Memoir Sample Lessons POSSIBLE MINI-LESSONS DESCRIPTION/TEACHER LANGUAGE TO CONSIDER. Unit 4: Writing A Summary - Copy via Unit 4: Writing A Summary This playlist is under construction.

You can improve it by adding relevant articles and sharing it. Summary vs. Critique - explanation of what each does and does not do Text Summarizer - this automatic text summarizer allows you to input some parameters including the .

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