Unwarranted prejudice and hatred toward other races in disneys song of the south

How is racism different from prejudice? Racism is a whole set of beliefs about that which justifies those feelings and tries to make the case for differences that we find are innate, permanent, and are the basis for action, the basis for discrimination, or even for an institution that will be based on these differences. In other words, it tends to turn into a kind of inequality or hierarchy based on these ideas.

Unwarranted prejudice and hatred toward other races in disneys song of the south

If this is true it is likely that it was done as revenge for the murder of her people. This fits the above cycles description of how paranoia feeds itself.

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The Hamas charter mentions this murder as a rationale for fighting the Jews as do rabid Muslim clerics. Hostility provides the motive to slander the enemy so that others will be motivated to attack the enemy.

In other words hostility breeds more hostility. This mechanism is a fundamental reason why anti-Semitism has been so virulent and has lasted throughout the centuries.

A cycle diagram illustrating this is given below: He writes how nineteenth-century anti-Semites argued that the Jews' unhappy experience of being tormented by Christians naturally turned them against their Christian tormentors and that Jews would use their power to exterminate the Christians.

The way this leads to more paranoia is shown in the cycle diagram below.

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The left creates paranoia and racism any time there is a difference never admitting other factors like economics etc. Part of their paranoia creation involves calling certain words oppressive.

Any time you make the most innocent comments now you can be accused of racism.

Unwarranted prejudice and hatred toward other races in disneys song of the south

Victimhood is seen by blacks as a way to gain advantage and by the left as helping blacks gain equity and diversity. Victimhood indoctrination is a disaster to blacks.

It creates black racism toward whites which leads to white racism toward blacks. It also encourages crime since if you believe that the whites are exploiting you than why not strike back at whites. If you believe whites took away from you, why not take away from them.

In the following video Brandon Straka talks about the victimhood lie of the left. One of the comments following the video explains the damage victimhood indoctrination can cause.

I've included the comment below: Brandon's video really nails it at the end when he talks about the leftist propaganda about victimhood. I have young children who started out school oblivious to race. They played with everyone regardless of their race and the other children did as well.

However in their school the children are being taught that black children are oppressed by whites.

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What will that do to children who never thought about race before?Wasko has alluded to this aspect of Song of the South’s production previously in relation to other postwar Disney films in Understanding Disney (20). For more on initial ambivalent and contradictory audience responses, see Matthew Bernstein, “Nostalgia, Ambivalence, Irony: Song of the South and Race Relations in Atlanta,” Film .

Paranoia Creation and Its Implications A Follow-up to Creation of Paranoia (part 1 and 2) by Karl Ericson. educating the children to Jihad and to hatred of the Jews, the Christian.

Unwarranted prejudice and hatred toward other races in disneys song of the south

Dec 09,  · Its signature song, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” won a Academy Award, and the Br’er Rabbit animation sequences have been used in several TV spots and Disney specials over the years. But there’s no denying the fact that by today’s standards, the film is rather racist.

Nick Stewart laughed and replied "Disney treated us like Kings". He concluded saying that the money he earned being Br'er Bear in Song of the South went towards a theatre for African-American actors to play roles other than butlers and maids. He also said he was to do the same thing with the money from the Splash Mountain ride.

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