Shh we're writing the constitution activities

Comprehensive reading guide, vocabulary worksheets, quiz, projects, and answer keys. Brings the drama of the Constitutional Convention to life forgiving students a greater appreciation for this amazing document and the feat required to produce it. Fill-ins and short answers. Assistance is given for writing a summary paragraph using intro-body-conclusion format.

Shh we're writing the constitution activities

After the Revolutionary War, most people in America were glad that they were no longer British. Still, they were not ready to call themselves Americans. The last thing they wanted was to become a nation.

They were citizens of their own separate states, just as they had always been. Each state different; each state proud of its own character; each state quick to poke fun at other states.

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They loved the sound of sovereign because it meant they were their own bosses. Once during the war, Washington had decided it would be a good idea if his troops swore allegiance to the United States.

As a start, he lined up some troops from New Jersey and asked them to take such an oath. In time, he hoped, the states would see that they needed to become one nation, united under a strong central government.

But that time would be long in coming. For now, as they started out on their independence, the thirteen states were satisfied to be what they called a confederation, a kind of voluntary league of states. In other words, each state legislature sent delegates to a Continental Congress, which was supposed to act on matters of common concern.

Two years later, after the Declaration of Independence had been signed, the concern was that the country needed some kind of government—not a fully developed government, because of course they had their states.

All they wanted were some basic rules to hold them together to do whatever needed to be done.

Shh! We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz | Scholastic

Byit was becoming obvious that changes were needed. People were in debt. A few states were printing paper money that was all but worthless. Delegates Gather at the Convention in Philadelphia 8. George Washington, of course, was one who had felt strongly about this for a long time.

Alexander Hamilton was another. Born and brought up in the Caribbean Islands, he had no patience with the idea of state loyalty. James Madison from Virginia wanted a strong America, too.

Inthese men, among others, suggested to the Congress that all the states send delegates to a grand convention the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia to improve the existing form of government.

No one would quarrel with that. Rhode Island refused to have anything to do with a convention.A copy of the Constitution is included in the back of t. Teachers. Teachers Home Lessons and Ideas Books and Authors Top Teaching Blog Teacher's Tool Kit Student Activities The Teacher Store Book Clubs Book Fairs Scholastic Education Shh!

We're Writing the Constitution. By Tomie dePaola, Jean Fritz. Shh!!! We're Writing the Constitution. reading book vocabulary.

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STUDY. PLAY. dominate. to have a commanding position or controlling power over. ratify. to give legal or official approval. secede. to withdraw from an organization. veto.

Shh we're writing the constitution activities

a forbidding of something by a person by authority. ambassador. We're Writing the Constitution" on Pinterest.

Shh we're writing the constitution activities

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Then ask: After Viewing Activities Have children use the school library to research the Bill of Rights. Then have children think about a SHHH! WE’RE WRITING THE CONSTITUTION CALL TO ORDER THESE AND OTHER WESTON WOODS VIDEOS! Once the government was formed, they pointed out, the Constitution could easily be amended to include those rights that they wanted.

All they had to do was to recommend in prudence, and then go ahead and ratify. If they didn’t, they’d end up with neither a government nor a . We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz. Compose a class constitution and participate in a constitutional convention when you ratify your constitution.

Compose a class constitution and participate in a constitutional convention when you ratify your constitution.

Shh! We're Writing The Constitution