My high school principals wife

I have worked at Auburn Riverside since it opened in as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, and beginning in the lead principal. As you can notice from above, I have two children:

My high school principals wife

Advice from our P-Files principals includes the following: Listen to your staff, from the kindergarten teacher to the custodian. Timely and wise advice for first-year principals. Even experienced principals might learn a thing or two!

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For other principals, even "gut wrencher" might be an understatement! Now in his fifth year as a principal, Lowe can look back and smile about his first year at the helm of a school. Recently, we asked Lowe and the rest of our "Principal Files" Principals to reflect on their years of experience and to offer advice to those individuals who are about to embark on their administrative careers.

Meet with people individually, talk with them, get some insight. Principal Betty Peltier agrees.

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Some of the things you think would never work may be great ideas that work for that school. Find them and solicit their thoughts. Be visible in classrooms and throughout the school.

Make it a priority to visit classrooms every day. The Education World P-Files team had plenty more great advice! Everyone loves to feel important and needed. Walk around classrooms and Teaching is hard work.

The mentor is there when needed to discuss issues, offer advice, bounce ideas, help with making decisions. No need to share it with the world. Keep it where you can see it everyday, on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator, for example. Read it every day, then go do it! It begins "Be proactive in all my endeavors.

Years ago, she recommended a book she thought would help him develop a good relationship with his children. We rarely have heated confrontations because I have learned my lessons well.I began my tenure at Morton West High School in and continue to be impressed by our dedicated faculty and staff.

My high school principals wife

I have been married for nine years to my wonderful wife Katie and we have three sons Henry, Louie and Michael. Vice Principals focuses on ill-tempered, dogmatic, and disliked vice principal of North Jackson High School Neal Gamby (Danny McBride), and his ambitions of being promoted to the principal's chair when the principal is due to step down.

My high school principals wife

I began my career at Buena Vista High School, was a 3rd to 5th grade Dean of Instruction at Burton Glen Charter Academy and spent the last 3 years as Principal and Curriculum Director of . Principal's Bio. Principal.

It is truly an honor to serve as Principal of Owosso High School. I am one of nine children, born and raised in this community, having attended Goss, Green Meadows, and Central Elementary Schools, Owosso Junior High, graduating from Owosso High School in Five days after former Freedom High principal David Sheppard (shown here at Freedom’s commencement ceremony) stepped down, his wife Donna was found dead in the family’s swimming pool.

The district was one of only three pilot sites for the new Certified School Career Development Advisor credential.

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