Music analysis of bluegrass music essay

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Music analysis of bluegrass music essay

Help support the MIMForum by supporting our sponsors: Stewart-MacDonald Guitar Shop Supplywood, kits, and supplies for building fretted and bowed instruments. Alaska Specialty Woodssoundboard woods for acoustic instruments. The MIMForum Bookstorebooks on musical instrument construction, general woodworking, Music analysis of bluegrass music essay acoustical physics.

Also see our new BuzzFAQ: Dennis Havlena has instructions for building lots of low-cost instruments including hurdy-hurdy, kora, kalimba, tin whistle, banjo, bagpipe, etc.

Bet you never knew there was a ready-made didjeridu sold at K-Mart for 97 cents! Jon Tirone has several pages for the DIYer devoted to descriptions of repairing broken guitar necks; building a mandolin, electric guitars, and a banjo; and making pickups and other electronics.

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There are instructional pages on several bowed and plucked instruments, gourd instruments, whistles and flutes including a slide-whistle, noisemakers, a string drum accompanied by a longer article and more extensive instructions and plansreed instruments and instructions on reed-making, drums, and some bagpipes and chanters.

There are sound clips so you can hear the instruments. Some of these are simple enough for your students to make in the classroom. Some very simple instruments you can make with kids scroll down.

This image-heavy page on metal spinning will be of great use to wind builders, and to resophiles who want to spin their own cones. Still under construction, but worth a visit. French-language website with pictures and a few dimensions of string and wind instruments, as well as a few sound files.

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage for a block of links to internal pages. Acoustician David Canright has several articles on, among other things, building a justly-tuned guitar. The formatting really, really sucks - why so many people assume that everyone else owns a monitor the same resolution as theirs is beyond me, but if you have larger wide-screen monitor, or can handle the maddening irritation of having to scroll sideways several dozen times for each of the 12 pages, the web pages are detailed and very informative.

Donald Nichols has a website devoted to English concertinasincluding a page on reed tuningand a detailed tour of the inner workings of the English concertina. Here are some pages on mechanical speech synthesis: Voder audio samplesHistory and Development of Speech Synthesis.

The Mechanical Music Digest has a number of technical articles available online, covering such subjects as rebuilding a player reed organ long, and detailedbuilding a simple PVC organ pipe, and making a wooden organ pipe. The Acoustical Society Of America has a number of astonishingly wide-ranging articles online, including some on the acoustics of musical instruments.

A truly fascinating website! The Physics of Music page of the Michigan Technological University Department of Physicsa few pages of simple wind-related theory and DIY projects, with some temperament information.

Subjects include Animations for Teaching Acoustics and Physics and Acoustics of Baseball Bats yes, updated since the Sammy Sosa incidentas well as more usual fare relating to guitars, pianos, and tuning forks.

Music analysis of bluegrass music essay

The BIAS program is available as a demo, and one of our members reports that it is useful. The tuner is also available in a Mac version. Freeware Test Tone Generatorsbe sure to download from a reputable source.

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SweepGen"turns a PC into an audio oscillator and sweep generator which can be used for testing audio or educational purposes. In conjunction with audio test instruments, you can make frequency response plots.Raindrops on roses so goes the song.

Actually the song is one of my favorites too from one of my favorite musicals. Below is a list of "my favorite things" with over linksdouble the number of Version !!!

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Music analysis of bluegrass music essay

The SXSW Music Festival (March ) invites artists, industry professionals, and fans from all over the world to Austin, Texas for a week every March to attend. Song Analysis: "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons - BACKGROUND West London-based Mumford & Sons is a folk/indie-rock band that favours atypical instrumentation, conjures up a unique sound, and appeals to a wide range of listeners.

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