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The company is shifting some production of motorcycles for European customers out of the United States to avoid EU retaliatory tariffs.

Harley davidson 2

Harley Davidson Carburetor Performance Tuning Tuning your Harley Davidson carburetor is simpler than most think and can be performed with a few Harley davidson 2 tools. Begin by shutting off the petcock fuel valve and starting the engine to allow all fuel within the carburetor bowl to be emptied.

Remove the aircleaner assembly including the backing plate which is attached to each head with a banjo bolt. This is a good time to inspect these bolts for obstructions in their passages. Be sure to install a new set of spark plugs when tuning. Having the mixture properly tuned is critical to making this carburetor perform and should always be performed prior to or at the same time you rejet the carb.

The choke cable can stay attached to the carburetor during this procedure, simply detach the knob end from the horm bracket. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel inlet on the carburetor or the opposite end connected to the fuel petcock, whichever is simpler to access.

The hose is likely fastened using a special crimped clamp. Be sure to have a new hose clamp available. Next loosen both throttle cables from their adjusters located just beyond where they exit the throttle grip.

A couple turns is usually all it takes to give you enough slack. If you count how many turns each adjuster is loosened then you can return them to the exact adjustment when reinstalling your carb. Now that you have enough slack in the cables you can pull the carburetor away from the manifold.

A Harley carb is only held to the manifold with a slip fit rubber manifold boot. Gently rock or twist the carb back and forth as you pull it away from the engine. Remove the cables that you tagged and remove any vacuum hoses.

If your model has multiple vacuum hoses it would be a good idea to label these as well. With the carb removed, place upside down on a sturdy work surface.

Do not remove the bowl at this point to prevent debris from entering the carburetor. The CV style Harley carburetor has a small cylindrical tower protruding from the bottom rear of the spigot behind the bowl.

The tower is plugged with a soft metal insert covering the mixture screw. Gaining access to this screw is key to fine tuning and must be remove. Secure the carb in either a vise or by other means that will allow the carburetor to remain steady.

Allow the drill to slowly cut into the plug rather than push.

Harley davidson 2

This will create a stop to keep the bit from drilling too deep. Pry the plug out using a pick or awl. You can also thread a sheet metal screw into the drilled hole and use this to pull the plug out.

Now that the plug is removed clean the area around the mixture screw so no metal fragments remain. At this point there are two methods for adjusting the mixture. Using a small flat head screwdriver turn the screw clockwise until it gently seats. Count how many turns it takes to reach the closed position.

Mark the screwdriver if needed to properly count each turn. In many cases this will be the ideal setting.

If the mixture screw has been reset by the dealer or previous owner evident by the plug already being removedturn the screw clockwise until it seats. Now turn the screw outward 2 turns to establish a starting point. The same procedure applies if using an EZ-Just screw.

While the carburetor is off it is a good time to inspect the vacuum slide. The slide should move up and down freely.Harley-Davidson of Manila is the Asian Emerging Markets Dealer of the Year 27 April Read more. give thanks for the open road thanksgiving event chester harley davidson.

novemver 22nd pm. find out more. Harley-Davidson® of Frederick is a motorcycle dealership in Frederick, Maryland, with a sster store in Williamsport. We offer new and pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, parts, service and more.

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Preparing the carburetor for tuning will require removal from your Harley-Davidson’s engine but this is easily accomplished. Begin by shutting off the petcock fuel valve and starting the engine to allow all fuel within the carburetor bowl to be emptied.

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