Essay on goal line technology

More Essay Examples on Technology Rubric The main reason why this has happened is because, unlike American Football and Hockey, there are no instant replays in soccer. The referees are forced to make these calls on the fly. There are no timeouts in soccer.

Essay on goal line technology

Technology When it is unclear if a ball has crossed the goal line or not, is an incredibly difficult call for officials to make.

More often than not, mistakes are made. There have been many controversial goal-line decisions over the years, all of which are now being used as support for the use of goal-line technology in soccer. From the comfort of your sofa, you would have clearly seen that when Frank Lampard shot from a distance, the ball clearly looked like it crossed the line.

However, the ball did come out of the net very quickly, so it would be reasonable to give the match officials the benefit of the doubt that they could not see the goal. This only proves, however, that goal-line technology should be introduced to aid them towards making the right decision.

The form of goal line technology used involved microchips in the ball that activate a message being sent to a watch the referee wears, when the ball crosses the line. This is exactly what they did.

Goal line technology persuasive essay

Then at the annual IFAB International Football Associations Board—the body that governs the rules of football meeting inthey halted any further progress regarding goal-line technology. Blatter explained the decision by saying that the microchipped ball had failed in one of the seven World Club Championship matches due to interference to the signal sent to the referee and that it would be difficult to implement the chip technology in the many types of football used around the world.

Blatter then clarified the official position on goal-line technology, saying: Blatter rejected the Hawk-Eye system, stating that: Paul Hawkins the founder of Hawk-Eye clearly disagrees. After the IFAB meeting, he said: What is the problem with this possibility, anyway?

Such as in Rugby, it actually helps to empower the referees rather than undermine them.

Essay on goal line technology

As for creating delays in play, much more time is spent watching overpaid footballers put on amateur dramatic performances when they get the slightest tap than is spent waiting for video replay decisions. The truth about the block on goal-line technology probably comes down to that quote from Blatter:The purpose of goal line technology is to clearly determine if a ball has crossed a line in order for it to be counted as a goal.

However there is much opposition including some officials from the governing body of the sport. Goal Line Technology Essay. Goal Line Technology Soccer is the most popular sport in all of the world - Goal Line Technology Essay introduction.

Professional soccer players have dealing with a specific problem over the past few years that has the Federation Internationale de Football Association, better known as FIFA, and the entire soccer world debating. Goal line technology has been proven to work quickly and effectively ensuring it will have minimal negative effect.

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Discursive Essay About Goal Line Technology Leon Prikhodovskiy Professor Rhodes PG draft. Goal Line Technology Two forty-five minute half’s, eleven players on each team, one goal on each side of the field separated by one hundred twenty yards of grass.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. In soccer, there are various debates and controversies about whether the ball crosses the goal line, mistakes made by referees. But the most controversial incidents have been about goals in recent years. One of the best solutions to these problems is Goal Line technology.

This method is used to.

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