Editorial writing activity for kindergarten

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Editorial writing activity for kindergarten

Brought to you by The Great Books Foundation Interested in trying some of these strategies in your classroom? Try a sample lesson today. And what a delight to introduce children to favorite characters, great literature, and big questions around the world and our place in it.

The task can be overwhelming, but there are some simple, research-based strategies that work. First, kids must listen to great stories every day. It might sound obvious, but reading aloud rich, diverse texts is the single best thing you can do to help your students become readers.

But even more importantly, they begin to see how words construct meaning in the world around us. In the primary grades, reading aloud provides equity and access to rich texts, but it also helps nurture social-emotional skills, as students learn to listen to your words, connect stories to their own emotional lives, and discuss books with friends.

editorial writing activity for kindergarten

Here are some of our favorite books to read aloud in kindergarten and first grade ; we also love the short stories available in the Junior Great Books K—1 program. Second, we must invite students to wonder. Wonder is at the heart of a deep and meaningful relationship with reading. This is true for a kindergartener or someone working on a PhD in English literature.

When we wonder about what we read, we ask questions —questions about the text, about ourselves, and about the wider world. So how do we encourage wonder at the primary level?

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We can start by modeling our own questions. What is the story about? How did the story make you feel? What did the story make you think of? What is the character thinking? Additionally, we can try simple activities that encourage perspective-taking and questioning. For example, the Shared Inquiry method encourages students in grades K—1 to act out small parts of the story.

Another fun Shared Inquiry activity is choral reading using different tones of voice. When students read aloud the same sentence using a scared, happy, and surprised tone of voice, they begin to understand the tone that best matches the mood of the story.

Finally, we must encourage kids to share. Sharing is fundamental to the reading experience, to which any adult reader can attest. Talk with someone about it! Seize onto that instinct, and show kids that what they think and that what their classmates think has real value. You can do that by taking time for students to share their questions and their opinions, too.

Imagine circling around it to talk great books with your students! When students are invited to share what they think, they begin to see how reading and sharing—and eventually, writing—are connected.Paper writing in research education hotel of my dreams essay best personality essay topics jekyll and hyde vocabulary research paper editorial essay little prince george of england, write essay on english language festivals program creative writing xaviers.

Celebrate multicultural holidays in your classroom! Chinese New Year is an important holiday. It honors household gods and ancestors. The holiday is also known as Spring Festival. This activity will introduce students to the traditions of Chinese New Year.

Grammar can be a little daunting for all of us, especially when faced with getting it right or wrong in front of a class of watchful students. Replete with practical examples, this light-hearted look at the ins and outs of grammar will help you to brush u.

Senior students can start practicing editorial writing, letters to the editor and letters to elected representatives of their area.

The activities must be varied regularly so that there is no sense of boredom.

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