Descriptive essay prompts elementary

The descriptive essay asks the writer to describe something—an object, person, place, experience, emotion, or situation. This essay attempts to convey how that subject looked, felt, tasted, sounded, smelled, and so on, and express the emotion or sensation so clearly and vividly that the reader can feel it, too.

Descriptive essay prompts elementary

Students who are bored by the prospect of writing a book report or answering a word problem in their math books will be much more interested in the art of composing and drafting sentences and paragraphs when doing so enables them to tell a story.

And one of the best ways to get students accustomed to telling stories is through the use of descriptive writing prompts and practicing in their journals.

In these new journal prompts, students will learn about storytelling by practicing their own story writing and by examining the characters in some of their favorite books and TV shows. From imagining brand new characters to coming up with new plotlines for some of their favorite familiar faces, kids will learn how to construct compelling new narratives—and practice their writing skills along the way.

Use these 30 new prompts to help your kids learn more about descriptive writing! Write an original story using only the characters from your favorite TV show. Write an original story using only the characters from your favorite movie.

Elementary School Descriptive Writing Topics

Write a story about how you and your best friend originally became friends. Think about an animal shelter and tell the story of one of the animals becoming adopted by a family.

Write a story about what they would have to say to each other. Write a story using the plot from your favorite book, but insert yourself and some of your classmates to replace all the characters in the story.

Think about how the story changes when the personalities of the characters are different. Write a story about a family who has a tree with dollar bills for leaves in their backyard. Think of one of the characters from the last story you wrote and write a brief biography of him or her.

What does the character look like? What is his or her favorite thing to do? Write a story about a kid and the principal at his or her school trading places for one day.

What was it like for both of them? Did they like their different roles? Write a story about a cat and dog that do not like each other, yet must overcome an obstacle together, helping each other along the way.

Write a story about a flying buffalo that wants to travel to the moon. Write about the adventures of a monkey and an elephant that are best friends.

Write a story using at least three of the following five things: Write a story about summer camp where all the characters are animals. What activities will they do? Which animals are the counselors? Write a fictional story about one of your parents as a kid.

Use other real characters like your grandparents, aunts, and uncles, but make up the setting and plot. Write a story where the main character gets locked in the grocery store over night. Write a story about a little boy or little girl who was the king or queen of their country.

Imagine that you and three of your best friends suddenly discover you can fly.The Top 20 Best Persuasive Essay Topics For Elementary School. Even our youngest students are not immune from the pressures of essay writing.

40 Descriptive Writing Prompts for Elementary School | Squarehead Teachers

While it is good practice for their later education years, and for teaching them how to argue for what they believe in, .

Descriptive Writing Prompts to Teach Kids about Storytelling — Storytelling is a long and time-honored tradition—and it’s one that, 30 Fiction Writing Prompts for Elementary Students. Fiction Writing for Elementary School Students Read More about 30 Fiction Writing Prompts for Elementary .

40 Descriptive Writing Prompts for Elementary School. Posted on June 3, What do you do there? How does it look, smell, and feel? Now write an essay describing your favorite place so that your reader will be able to picture it.

Descriptive essay prompts elementary

12 thoughts on “ 40 Descriptive Writing Prompts for Elementary School ” Comment navigation ← Older Comments. The Descriptive Essay – An Opportunity to be Creative There is a “Science” involved in essay writing; the organization, the thesis statement, the sentence structure, the grammar and punctuation, etc.

40 descriptive writing prompts for elem school. 40 descriptive writing prompts for elem school "Descriptive essay words about the flags Flags about words essay the Descriptive Essay on choosing a career path.

Homosexual adoption essays lord of the flies persuasive essay persuasive essay on." Upper Elementary Writing Prompts This. Apr 02,  · Descriptive essays can be the easiest essays to write, once you come up with a good topic.

Here is some bits of advice and a nice long list of Reviews:

50 Descriptive Essay Topics | Reading and Writing Resouces